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This is one of the most exciting and memorable moments in your life. Here are our musings on how to take the stress out of making it special.

Does this sound like you? “Should I wait until after she’s finished that project? Or a full moon? Or when she’s forgotten about how I vacuumed up her favourite earrings...I mean definitely one day.”

Arghh the engagement, it’s a big milestone in your life and that can sure ramp up the pressure you feel. But you know what? For those of us procrastinators out there, we are here to help break the deadlock.

Right, first thing’s first. Our top piece of advice, keep it simple and personal. You don’t need to overcook it and go all instagram crazy on it.

Next, pick a date. Life is busy and things are always changing, it’s easy to not prioritise this one. There's never a ‘perfect time’ to get engaged. Having a ‘go’ date is a magical little tip which helps create action and gets you one step closer!

If you’re now feeling like the whole thing is a little more achievable, we’d say that’s pretty good for one day. We’d recommend checking out our ‘How much does it cost’ section, as the ring is the next step on most people's list. Otherwise read on as we have compiled a list of things we have learnt from the past 10 years of helping people make some magic.

Location, location, location. When planning a special proposal the location you pick will be a large part of what you remember and makes it special to you. Pick a place that is meaningful to you both, and between you and me, it always helps if it’s easy on the eyes. The ‘no selfie’ rule needs to be parked, capture the moment it's one to remember!

Have a plan but go with the flow. In reality, some people’s proposals go to plan, some don’t, but they’re all pretty special. It’s okay if the planets aren’t perfectly aligned, what makes it magical and romantic is the intention and the honesty.

There’s no need to go overboard; subtle can be just as good as a flash mob she can post on Instagram. Releasing 100 white doves on a mountain top works for some people, but you do you.
Not sure how to be romantic? It’s really just about being genuine and thoughtful. Be your authentic self and they will love you for it.

Have a think about what you’re going to do afterwards. Have dinner? Throw a party? Walk the El Camino trail. You’re going to be on a high so make the most of it.

And finally, above all the hype and stereotypes out there, congratulations! It is a pretty amazing thing to be considering and we wish you all the best on this next journey together. Here-here chin-chin!



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