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Nobody wants to put a dollar value on love. But there’s no avoiding it when you’re dealing in precious metals and gemstones.

How much an engagement ring costs, is usually the second question after “are they the one?”. The simple answer is, unless you’ve decided to reject all material things in life, it’s safe to guess it's going to be a lot more than the romantic dinner date you had last week. But don't worry, the answer to this age old question is different for everyone and we're here to give you a little advice on how to get started

Now it’s likely you will be in one of two camps; Camp 1 - you’ve been getting some subtle hints about the "dream ring" and now you're wondering how much does a 3.12ct intense vivid yellow diamond cost and is their anywhere that offers a 125 year payment plan. Or, Camp 2; "what's an engagement ring?"

Our first tip when starting out; If you don't already have a rough budget in mind we recommend the good old trust your gut technique is the best place to start. Even if its a guess at this point it will help narrow options and make the search easier.

To get more clarity around how much it will cost, the best option will be to talk to a jeweller … Oh nooo **palms are getting sweaty** Why am I even reading this?? But they do this all the time and the right one for you will make the process so much easier than you think. It’s all about balancing your priorities. Keep in mind, cost is only one consideration.

Some will be all about the size of the diamond. Others will tell you its all about the quality of the stone. Before talking about the finer details of the ring itself, we recommend first looking for someone you trust to educate you and to help you find what your partner would love. You know, there are no expert engagement ring buyers out there, don't stress, its common to be unsure around the details (If you are an expert and this is your 8th engagement ring purchase, maybe we can help you with that too).

One final word of advice, whatever your budget or ideal size is, there will always be an option that is rarer or bigger. Everyone's going to have to draw the line somewhere so don’t get hung up on trying to win some imaginary race against yourself. And you know what? The most valuable part of an engagement ring doesn’t have a price tag. It’s the care that’s gone into it and the choices you’ve made. They are wearing it for a lifetime, so a beautiful and timeless design matters just as much as the diamond.

We know cost is a big question but it's not all about the dollars and cents. After all, your thinking about putting a ring on someone pretty special and in our eyes that makes you a pretty lucky person.



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