A story of an unbreakable force

Our Lovers Knot collection features an iconic symbol born from a tension between sculptural strength and the organic flow of soft fabric. A sense of freedom is captured through the draping of cloth in the form of an abstract knot. Designed for those who love with the freedom of an open heart, this collection embodies the rare energy of an unbreakable force. A celebration of friends, lovers, sisters, brothers, for new hugs, old souls, or a journey of your own.


Designed by Creative Director & Founder Rachel Sloane, the Lovers Knot was born from memories of languid afternoons in New York's Central Park amongst the lounging lovers, her muses for this collection. The stark contrast of the Central Park setting, a serene, grassy paradise bordered by a labyrinth city, played an inspirational role represented in the design by the softness of cloth captured in a solid gold form.

“From the moment we enter the world, we’re wrapped in the nurturing embrace of soft cloth. A precious material treasured for its warmth and protection. This organic flow of fabric is now brought to life in solid gold.”

Creative Director, Rachel Sloane

Bold in stature and weighty to the touch, our Lovers Knot designs are made using the finest 18k Yellow Gold or 18k White Gold. An androgynous design and a precious investment to your jewellery collection, intended to be worn every day and to be passed down to the next generation who will inherit and build on its history.
Available in our Lovers Knot Ring in 18k Yellow Gold & 18k White Gold, and our Lovers Knot Huggie Earrings in Grand or Petit sizes in 18k Yellow Gold & 18k White Gold and Diamond Set.

Our Lovers Knot Rings can be worn anywhere between pinky and thumb and our Huggies are designed to be stacked up the ear or worn traditionally.

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